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Lecturer at Long Beach City College and California State University Long Beach



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Office D350

We need note takers. If you are interested please contact DSPS at the following link. You can now upload notes via the Internet and you get early registration .

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If you are interested in taking notes for a student with a disability apply to the link provided below. You get priority registration or service hours with LBCC.

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Websites with blank maps 

Transcripts What's Up With the Weather

Transcripts World in the Balance: The People Paradox

Transcripts An Inconvenient Truth



Job information and college information for Environmental Science



Also our local universities have programs: CSULB B.A. and B.S. in Environmental Science and Policy and a closely related field B.A. in Geography, CSUF Masters in Environmental science 

Other sources for looking at all colleges and degree programs is The College Blue Book. Which would be in a library. 

Dissertation defense





Environmental Science 

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Spring 2017 Syllabus



Activities that you will need to download or print

Activities pdf format

Activities Word format

I will keep a list of activities we do as we progress through the semester.

Activity list #2

1. biome posters 3/23 15 points

2. Notes on other people's biomes. 3/28 10 points- If you missed this activity then you need to take notes on all of the biomes to include the following topics: flora, fauna, climate, location in the world. You can use the Internet for research or the posters will be hanging in our classroom.




April 20th Exam 2

April 27th Field Trip to Bolsa Chica. We will meet there instead of in the classroom this day.l


Grades are posted below by class. You need to open the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet and reference with the last 4 digits of your ID number. This indicates your overall grade; your activities and exam added together.



Click on the link below to the textbook website to purchase iChapters.

You book is the 18th edition of Living in the Environment by G. Tyler Miller Jr/Scott Spoolman

(from this page go to math and science and then environmental science and find the correct edition)


website that matches your location to volunteering

 Environmental Science notes

Notes are in powerpoint

Download a free powerpoint viewer program. This allows you to look at the slides even if you don't own Powerpoint.

Chapter 1

scientific method powerpoint

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Review sheet exam 1 in microsoft word format

Review sheet exam 2

Review sheet exam 2 pdf format

Chapter 6

Chapter 6 pdf

Chapter 13

Chapter 13 pdf

Chapter 20

chapter 20 pdf

Chapter 19

chapter 19 pdf

Review sheet exam 3

Chapter 18

chapter 18 pdf

Chapter 15 (nonrenewable)

Chapter 15 pdf

Chapter 16 (renewable)

Chapter 16 pdf



The nucleus

Periodic Table

Directions via the freeway for our field trip. Directions coming from the school are indicated on your activity sheet.

Map Bolsa Chica

Amigos de Bolsa Chica website for those doing the Internet option look at the science and history section.

Field trip photos

Photos by Karl Kirkland and Angelica Castillo  respectively. Spring 2015 field trip to Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve.

Spring 2015 Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve photo by Angela Wranic

Graduation- Texas State University San Marcos- May 13, 2016. Dr. Osvaldo Muniz (primary advisor) and Dr. Angela Wranic